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Love's Labour's Lost (1995)

Performance Dates

July 14, 15, 22, 28, 30, August 5, 11, 13, 19, 1995 @ 8:30 pm


A large park in the kingdom of Navarre. Late summer, 1808.

Cast (in order of speaking)

Ferdinand, King of Navarre Tim Sapunor
Longaville, a Lord Balele T. Shoka
Dumaine, a Lord Gregory S. Hanson
Berowne, a Lord John David Rambo
Dull, a constable Robert Teresi
Costard, a country clown Rod Hipskind
Don Adriano de Armando, a fantastical
Brian Rivera
Moth, Armando's page Benjamin Hanowell
Jacquenetta, a country wench Erin Wright
Boyet, the Princess' aide de camp. Thomas Bach
Marguerite, the Princess of France Shelly Sandford
Marla, a Lady Jessica Scott
Katherine, a Lady Sara Lorraine Brown
Rosaline, a Lady Katie Brown
Mistress Hester, a schoolteacher Carrie Hudson
Sir Nathaniel, a curate Stephen Vargo
Mercade, a French messenger Robert Teresi

Production Staff

Director Kim McCann
Assistant Director Jena Anne Mendonsa
Scenic & Lighting Designer Kevin Ankelé
Costume Designer Amy L. Hutto
Sound Design Kim McCann
Associate Producer Donna J. Sparks
Festival Coordinator Dresden E. Beattie
Technical Director Kevin Ankelé
Theatre Technician Stephen Jones
Production Stage Manager John Mitchell
Assistant Stage Managers Jena Anne Mendonsa, Rachel Van Patten
Master Electrician Carl J. Corbett
Sound Engineer Matthew Levy
Sound Assistant Cathy Rudolph
Properties A. Michael Alden
Assistant Properties Stephanie Bird, Cathy Rudolph
Master Carpenter A. Michael Alden
Carpenters Matthew Levy, Carl J. Corbett,
Stephanie Bird, Cathy Rudolph,
Walter P. Drill
Crew Monica A. Coombes, Regina Cabral,
Debbie J. Eaton, Jennifer Hutcheon,
Christina Luna, Alex Sadri, Amber Barrett,
To Yotoa Sr.
Scenic Artist Stephanie Conrad
Stitchers Elizabeth Floyd, Kari Olson
Wardrobe Maintenance Lenore Justman
Interpreters Elaine Stegner, Margie Morrison,
Barbara Dimopolous
Box Office/Promotions Manager Leanne Borghesi
Day Box Office Carrie Hudson
Night Box Office Jim Knable, Tiffany Little
House Manager Sal de la Rosa
SCC PIO Linda Kalber
Photography Bruce Clarke
Special Thanks: C.E. Haynes, Lenore Justman, The Hipskind Family, JD Sutherland, Chris Iwata, Lynn Pihera, Annie Hanowell, The McCabe's and Brian Rivera.

Director's Notes

LLL is one of Shakespeare's earliest plays. The actual composition date is in dispute (probably 1593 or 1594) but it did receive a Quarto printing in 1598.

Regardless of its composition date, the play remains not only a feast of language, but a wonderful satire of fashions, manners, learning, and the game of love. As always, Shakespeare's talent provides a rich undercurrent that examines friendship, trust, fidelity, and the depth of emotion.

While setting this production in the Regency era is not historically accurate (there was no King or Princess of France in 1808!), the manners, morals, and fashions of that time lend themselves well to the content and style of the text.

This is a tale of love - love sought, won, lost and won again - all high romance - the perfect entertainment for a summer evening under the stars.

Thank you for ten wonderful years.

- Kim McCann, Director