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The Taming of the Shrew (1995)

Performance Dates

July 7, 8, 21, 23, 29,  August 4, 6, 12, 18, 1995 @ 8:30 pm


The play takes place briefly before an alehouse and almost in total within a lord's great house. The play presented for the lord takes place in Padua, Italy and at Petruchio's country house, 1595.


The time is contemporary, not now, but a time still probing the questions of sexual roles.


Hostess/tailor Almetria Vaba
Christopher Sly / Peter / Haberdasher Mark Garbe
Lord / Vincentio, of Pisa, father of Lucentio Pamela Coffey
Huntsman / Nathaniel / Officer Keith Letl
Huntsman / Phillip Dennis Kelly
Attendant / Walter Bob Duncan
Servant / Lady Anne / Widow Chelle Munn
Bartholomew, a page / Curtis Brandon Conner
Lady Jane / Attendant Tiana Johnson
Lucentio (Cambio), suitor of Bianca Jared Anderson
Tranio, servant of Lucentio Bill Bachilla
Baptista Minola, of Padua, father of Kate and Bianca Tom Turk
Biancha Minola Jessica Chastain
Gremio, a pantaloon, suitor of Bianca John Kreutzberger
Hortensio (Licio), suitor of Bianca Steve Passal
Katherina Minola Polly Harrison
Biondello, servant of Lucentio Regan D. Carrington
Petruchio, of Verona, suitor of Kate Brandon Turner
Grumio, Servant of Petruchio Terry Tracy
Pedant Stephen Vargo

Production Staff

Director Brian D. Siewert
Production Assistant Rachel Van Patten
Costume Designer Amy L. Hutto
Scenic & Lighting Designer Kevin Ankelé
Associate Producer Donna J. Sparks
Festival Coordinator Dresden E. Beattie
Technical Director Kevin Ankelé
Theatre Technician Stephen Jones
Production Stage Manager John Mitchell
Assistant Stage Managers Jena Anne Mendonsa, Rachel Van Patten
Master Electrician Carl J. Corbett
Sound Engineer Matthew Levy
Sound Assistant Cathy Rudolph
Properties A. Michael Alden
Assistant Properties Stephanie Bird, Cathy Rudolph
Master Carpenter A. Michael Alden
Carpenters Matthew Levy, Carl J. Corbett,
Stephanie Bird, Cathy Rudolph,
Walter P. Drill
Crew Monica A. Coombes, Regina Cabral,
Debbie J. Eaton, Jennifer Hutcheon,
Christina Luna, Alex Sadri, Amber Barrett,
To Yotoa Sr.
Scenic Artist Stephanie Conrad
Stitchers Elizabeth Floyd, Kari Olson
Wardrobe Maintenance Lenore Justman
Interpreters Elaine Stegner, Margie Morrison,
Barbara Dimopolous
Box Office/Promotions Manager Leanne Borghesi
Day Box Office Carrie Hudson
Night Box Office Jim Knable, Tiffany Little
House Manager Sal de la Rosa
SCC PIO Linda Kalber
Photography Bruce Clarke
Special Thanks: Sacramento-Sierra Norwegian, Elkhound Club, Jo Pierce, Jonn Rico, Charlotte Starbird, Dana Murphy and those who helped too late to be included in this printing.

Director's Notes

It is often said that with the publication of Shakespeare's works, our English language has remained fixed in it's usage of language and words to the present. I would like to further this idea and ask, have not English moral dilemmas and interpersonal relationships, too, remained relatively fixed since Shakespeare's time of 1600? Or, was his understanding of human feelings, emotions and relationships so profound that he lifted a mirror to mankind and documented its inner core. The words tonight are all his, less the reference to women as chattel, which would prove too alienating for modern audiences. His questions about the dynamics of love, homelessness, male/female roles in a relationship, and the power of respect for your spouse are questions we ask today.

- Brian D. Siewert, Director