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Much Ado About Nothing (1997)

Performance Dates

June 27, 29, July 11, 13, 19, 27,  August 2, 8, 1997
8:30 pm curtain

Place & Time

Scene: Messina
Time: 1801


Leonato's Household  
Leonato, governor of Messina Blair Leatherwood
Antonino, his brother Cary Anderson
Hero, Leonato's only daughter Jessica Chastain
Beatrice, an orphan, Leonato's niece Polly Harrison
Margaret, gentlewoman attending on Hero Samantha Ostermiller
Ursula, gentlewoman attending on Hero Hannah M. Duch
Friar Francis Matthew Gallagher
Messenger James Cameron McKellips
The Military  
Don Pedro, Prince of Arragon Brian Alyea
Don John, his bastard brother Thomas Bach
Count Claudio of Florence John Lamb
Signor Benedick of Padua Brian Rivera
Borachio, follower of Don John Kevin Menager
Conrade, follower of Don John Jay Charlesworth
Balthasar, a singer Nick McGee
Boy, servant to Benedick Richard Bradley
The Town  
Dogberry, Constable of Messina Ken Koch
Verges, Deputy Constable Stephen Vargo
Sexton/Francis Scacoal Anthony Scoggins
George Scacoal Ben Hanowell
Hugh Oatcake Aaron Alexander
The Ensemble Sabrina Burt
  Regan Carrington
  Sarah Ekstrom
  John Gorney
  Lara E. Nall
  Peter Playdon
  Jeffrey Sapp
  Jessical Sheffield
  Adam Wright

Production Staff

Director Donna J. Sparks
Scenic Design Robert W. Gore
Light Design Steve Jones
Costume Design Christine Cianci
Choreographer Cynthia Mitterholzer
Assistant to the Director Katie Cannon
Sound Design Donna J. Sparks
Festival Director Lars Tatom
Technical Director Robert W. Gore
Theatre Technician Steve Jones
Production Stage Manager Michael A. Saumure
Assistant Stage Managers Katie Cannon, Edgar Nash
Lighting Technician Frannie Sluka
Sound Technician Chris Donham
Properties Robin Helmer
Carpenters Zach Seeger, Eva Townshend
Assistant Costume Designer Vivian Lima
Bootmaker Mike McGraw
Stitchers Christina Loughery, Michaela Romesburg,
Erika Rugg, Joanna tulley
Costume Maintenance Lenore Justman
Crew John Baxter, Craig St. Clair, Gwen Collins, Damany Fisher, John Gomez-Baxter, Kim Holmes, Jared Lee, Ryan E. Smith, Pamela Vance
Box Office Clerk Janine Vine
Park Clerk Flora Davis
House Managers Donna Andrews, Katie Martin
Photography Bruce Clarke
Graphics Design Frank Zamore
Promotions Lars Tatom
Special Thanks: Vs and Ps, Janine, Alexis Scott, Kit Kat Club, SCAT, Los Rios Forensics, MAS
"Sigh No More" arranged by Nicholas McGee

Director's Notes

Shakespeare's wittiest comedy could be MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, or its clever title may contain a pun on the subject of "noting", which is the Elizabethan English word for "eavesdropping". Thought to be written in late 1598, the main plot of MUCH ADO is the classic tale of a lover (Claudio) deceived into believing that his beloved (Hero) is unfaithful. A second plot features the courtship of the witty Beatrice and the wayward Benedick. Add to this romp the comedy of Dogberry, his sidekick Verges, and the heroic members of the Watch (who all help unravel the injustice laid forth by Don Pedro's villainous brother, Don John, and his conspirators Conrade and Borachio), and we have conflict and resolution. The backdrop is the estate setting of Governor Leonato and his household of warm and friendly relatives and guests.

If on this stage, we have entertained you this evening, then our MUCH ADO has been successful.

- Donna J. Sparks, Director