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Measure For Measure (1998)

Performance Dates

July 3, 5, 10, 12, 18, 24,  August 1, 8, 1998 @ 8:30 pm

Time and Place

Vienna, 1936


Duke Vincentio, ruler of Vienna Ed Gyles, Jr.
Escala, his advisor in judicial matters Wendy Woolery
Angelo, his advisor in legislation Blair Leatherwood
Secretary to the Duke Dana Lee Strickland
Lucio, a Fantastic Kevin Menager
1st Gentleman Jason Waters
2nd Gentleman John Lewitzke
Mistress Overdone, a bawd Curie Harris
Pompey, a tapster Robert Teresi
Claudio, a condemned gentleman Brian Rivera
Juliet, his fiancee Samantha Ostermiller
The Provost, warden of the prison Tim Sapunor
Friar Peter Thomas, a Franciscan Aaron Alexander
Isabella, a postulant & Claudio's sister Karyn Casl
Sister Francisca, a nun of St. Clair Trisha Stamper
Elbow, a constable Adam Wright
Froth, a misled gentleman Jeffrey Sapp
Mariana, Angelo's former betrothed Shelly Sandford
Musician, entertaining Mariana Adam Wright
Abhorson, an executioner Jason Waters
Messenger, from Angelo Jeffrey Sapp
Barnardine, a condemned prisoner John Lewitzke
Officers, working for Angelo Aaron Alexander, John Lewitzke,
Jeffrey Sapp, Jason Waters
Whores, working for Overdone Dana Lee Strickland, Trisha Stamper

Production Staff

Director Kim McCann
Scenic Design Robert W. Gore
Lighting Design Steve Jones
Costume Design Lenore Justman & Kim McCann
Assistant to the Director Amir Sharafeh
Festival Director Lars Tatom
Festival Co-Director Kim McCann
Technical Director Robert W. Gore
Theatre Technician Steve Jones
Outreach Director Luther Hanson
Assistant Stage Managers Amire Sharafeh, Ryan Williams
Lighting Technician Bill Lackamacher
Sound Technician Cynthia Hawes
Props Mistress Vania Tommasi
Carpenters Katie Cannon, Paul Nauman, Ryan Williams
Stitchers Judy Freeman, Kari Olson
Costume Maintenance Lenore Justman
House Manager Nick McGee
Box Office Clerks Windi Lucia, Katie DiGrigorio
Photography Bruce Clarke
Special Thanks Lars, Lenore, All the Boh-Bohs, The Birthday
Club, Bill Rogers & Chautauqua Playhouse,
Best of Broadway, Brian Rivera for the
banners, and of course, Mark Lawson.

Director's Notes

As a Theatre Educator, I frequently tell my students that "Shakespeare is Universal - the things he had to say still apply today." This became increasing evident as I began to prepare for this production of Measure for Measure. As each new revelation about Monica Lewinsky was revealed in the media, I was reminded that sex and politics have always been strange bedfellows. And that the old adage is still true: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Shakespeare makes this very clear in this play. It is different from his other works and not only in its dark and troublesome themes. It resists the epic scale of so many of his plays, relying instead on intimate scenes that focus more on the psychology of the characters to tell the story. While the play contains some scathing black humor, it is also a bitter indictment of sexual harrassment, political doublespeak, and an ideaology that can blind one to the truth of the human condition. Universal? Yes. Still true today? You betcha.

- Kim McCann, Director