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Twelfth Night (1998)

Performance Dates

June 26, 27,  July 11, 17, 19, 26, 31,  August 2, 7, 1998 @ 8:30 pm


The magical coast of Illyria, this summer.


House Orsino  
Orsino, Duke of Illyria Paul C. Nauman
Curio, attendant to Orsino David T. Walton
Valentine, attendant to Orsino Elizabeth Benchimol
Kate, household member Corrine Freeman
Julia, household member Michelle Ordonia
House Olivia  
Olivia, a countess Christine Nicholson
Sir Toby Belch, uncle to Olivia Peter Mohrmann
Maria, gentlewoman to Olivia Katie Brown
Malvolio, steward to Olivia Ken Koch
Fabia, attendant to Olivia Marisa Valero
Miranda, household member Jessica D. Fairbairn
Emilia, household member Andrea Eve Thorpe
Sir Andrew Aguecheek, a visitor Nathan Lindsey
Feste, clown John David Rambo
Officer Jeffrey Sapp
Priest John D. Crabtree
Unexpected Visitors  
Viola, shiprecked (later Cesario) Lynn Baker
Sebastian, brother to Viola Joel Patterson
Antonio, friend to Sebastian Matthew Gallagher
A Sea Captain, friend to Viola Jes Gonzales

Production Staff

Director Lars Tatom
Scenic Design Robert W. Gore
Lighting Design Steve Jones
Costume Design Lars Tatom & Andrea Eve Thorpe
Choreography Jessica D. Fairbairn
Original Music by Nick McGee
Directorial Assistance Ryan Williams
Festival Director Lars Tatom
Festival Co-Director Kim McCann
Technical Director Robert W. Gore
Theatre Technician Steve Jones
Outreach Director Luther Hanson
Assistant Stage Managers Amire Sharafeh, Ryan Williams
Lighting Technician Bill Lackamacher
Sound Technician Cynthia Hawes
Props Mistress Vania Tommasi
Carpenters Katie Cannon, Paul Nauman, Ryan Williams
Stitchers Judy Freeman, Kari Olson
Costume Maintenance Lenore Justman
House Manager Nick McGee
Box Office Clerks Windi Lucia, Katie DiGrigorio
Photography Bruce Clarke
Special Thanks: Drew, Ken, Jerry, Kim, Steve, Rob, Andee,
Jessica, Nick, Ryan, Janice & Gary, Luther &
Christine, Lenore, Jes, Jacintha and Conner

Director's Notes

I can vividly remember the moment last summer, during a rehearsal for Cyrano, when the concept for this production danced into my head. I was talking with my friend Ken about our common memories of trips to New Orleans, of the ability of both visitors and residents alike to just "let go", to give into the spirit of the party - "just like those crazies from 12th Night". I mean, think about it - the twins are washed up on a magical isle where everyone just wants to party! And that was all it took...

- Lars Tatom, Director