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The Life of Henry V (2002)

Performance Dates:

July 5, 6, 12, 14, 20, 25, 26, 2002 @ 8pm


Chorus, Duke of Gloucester Kate Samure
Chorus, Duke of Bedford Sarah Rowland
Archbishop of Canterbury Hannah Rahilly
Bishop of Ely Ryan Williams
King Henry the Fifth Brett Williams
Duke of Exeter Thomas Bach
Duke of York Wilson Busfield
Earl of Westmoreland David Baraza
Montjoy, the herald Josh Stone
Bardolph Jason Nott
Nym Luis DeAnda
Pistol James Roberts
Hostess Quickly Miki Sanders
Boy Erin Herscowitz
Earl of Cambridge Theresa Vann
Lord Scroop Sarah Cohen
Sir Thomas Grey Cynthia Hawes
Charles, the Sixth, King of France Lynn Stradley
Lewis, the Dauphin Erin Smith
Duke of Orleans Nickole Nesser
Duke of Britaine Dan Featherston
The Constable of France Ryan Williams
Gower Sarah Cohen
Fluellen Hannah Rahilly
MacMorris Josh Stone
Jamy Wilson Busfield
Governor of Harfleur Miki Sanders
Katherine, Daughter to France Rebecca Sigl
Alice, Attendant to Katherine Mary Brabender
Sir Thomas Erpingham Lynn Stradley
John Bates Jason Nott
Alexander Court Theresa Vann
Michael Williams Autumn Day
Grandpre Cynthia Hawes
Fighting French Soliders Miki sanders, Josh Stone, Jason Nott,
Theresa Vann, Luis DeAnda
French Soldier Luis DeAnda
Duke of Burgandy Autumn Day
Isabel, Queen of France Cynthia Hawes

Production Staff

Director Luther Hanson
Scenic Design Dan Neeland
Lighting Design E. J. Reinegal
Costume Design Nicole Sivell
Fight Choreographer Dexter Fidler
Production Manager David Harris
Technical Director Dan Neeland
Stage Manager Morgan Boyd
Assistant Stage Managers Chelsea Reiss, Rebecca Hall
Props Theresa Vann
Fight Captain James Roberts
Assistant Fight Captain Nickole Nesser
Musical Assistance Lynn Stradley
Light Board Operator Patrick Riggs
Sound Board Operator Robert Stribling
Production Assistant Dustin Drumheller
Carpenters Stephen L. Jones, Laura Coe, Son Nyugen
Staff Stitchers Emily Davis, (Lily) Yon Dian, Victoria Mitchell,
Sarah Rowland
Volunteer Stitchers Kira Graybill, Jason Nott, Jayne Stowell,
Trina Palmer
Student Stitchers Fran Nenzel, Cristina Arizmendi
Box Office Supervisor Anita Thomas
Box Office Staff Mary Brabender, Cynthia Hawes,
Thom Fearon, Ryan Haynes
House Managers Cathi Pickavet, John Kincaid
Festival Operations Robert W. Gore
Festival Coordinators Luther Hanson, David Harris
Poster/Postcard Design Nixa Schell
Photography Bruce Clarke
Preshow Entertainment Chuck Jamison
Special Thanks Kim McCann, Christine Nicholson,
Mike Carrasco, Anita Thomas

Director's Notes

All over Western Europe in the 15th Century, land was being willed to the church. Church lands grew so freely that the crown lost much revenue. The bill that Canterbury refers to would allow the King to seize some of that land. So Canterbury, according to Holinshed, Shakespeare's main source, aware of Henry's character and desire to make up for his wild youth, offers Henry church support to invade France. (Modern historians do not place all that blame on Canterbury.) Henry's public reason to invade France is to gain back the land he thinks should be his. The church's reason is to protect their lands, and Henry's real reason, probably, Canterbury is right, is to make up for lost time. Complicated causes lead to an ugly and messy war, and unfortunately, as in any war, people die.

- Luther Hanson, Director