Much Ado About Nothing (2002)

Performance Dates:

June 28, 29, July 7, 13, 19, 21, 28, August 1, 3 @ 8pm

Time and Place

1826, in an around Leonato's estate in Messina


Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon Tony Marchetti
Don John, his illegitimate brother David Stickler
Claudio, a Florentine count Paj Crank
Benedick, a lord of Padua Jon Jackson
Conrade, a follower of Don John Romann D. Hodge
Borachio, a follower of Don John Ed Gyles, Jr.
Leonato, Governor of Messina Jes Gonzales
Antonio, his brother Matthew J. Barcellos
Dogberry, the local constable Michael A. Samure
Balthasar, serving Don Pedro Jason C. Oler
Soldiers, serving Don Pedro Quarmaine M. Bogan, Kevin M. Poole
Friar Francis, the local priest Jason C. Oler
Hugh Oatcake, watch member Kevin M. Poole
George Seacole, watch member Quarmaine M. Bogan
Francis Seacole, the Sexton Matthew J. Barcellos
Hero, Leonato's daughter Cheryl A. Loehr
Beatrice, Hero's cousin Jenni Stephenson
Margaret, their gentlewoman Sarah Jane Pierce
Ursula, their gentlewoman Cheantell Nadine Munn
Virginia, watch member Katie Valdivia (on 7/13: Kira Graybill)
Bett Bumble, watch member Kira Graybill (on 7/13: Alaina Boys)
Dora, maid to Leonato Alaina Boys
Prue, maid to Leonato Stefanie Gyles

Production Staff

Director Kim McCann
Scenic Design Dan Neeland
Lighting Design Steve Jones
Costume Design Nicole Sivell
Choreographer Kara Jeppeson
Production Manager David Harris
Technical Director Dan Neeland
Stage Manager/Assistant to the Director Cathleen Rudolph
Light Board Operator Patrick Riggs
Sound Board Operator Robert Stribling
Props Theresa Vann
Production Assistant Dustin Drumheller
Carpenters Stephen L. Jones, Laura Coe, Son Nyugen
Staff Stitchers Emily Davis, (Lily) Yon Dian, Victoria Mitchell,
Sarah Rowland
Volunteer Stitchers Kira Graybill, Jason Nott, Jayne Stowell,
Trina Palmer
Student Stitchers Fran Nenzel, Cristina Arizmendi
Box Office Supervisor Anita Thomas
Box Office Staff Mary Brabender, Cynthia Hawes,
Thom Fearon, Ryan Haynes
House Managers Cathi Pickavet, John Kincaid
Festival Operations Robert W. Gore
Festival Coordinators Luther Hanson, David Harris
Poster/Postcard Design Nixa Schell
Photography Bruce Clarke
Preshow Entertainment Chuck Jamison
Special Thanks Dave, Luther, Rob, Nicole, Dan, Steve, the cast
and crew, Shelly, Katie, Kira, Alaina, Lenore,
Mike Carrasco, Bruced Smith, Michael Stauffer,
and, as always, Mark Lawson.

Director's Notes

Much Ado About Nothing is Shakespeare's sunniest comedy, chock full of romance and wonderfully comic characters. It is written largely in prose and has a sontaneity about the language that adds to the overall light-heartedness of the play. Much of the lasting appeal of the play seems centered around the characters of Beatrice and Benedick, "the battling B's", of whom it was written, "...let but Beatrice and Benedick be seen, lo in a trice the cockpit, galleries, boxes, are all full." I have chosen to set this production in the early 19th century because the play's situations and characters seemed to me to be highly reminiscent of the situations and characters in the novels of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. We hope you enjoy watching the play as much as we have enjoyed putting it together!

- Kim McCann, Director