Twelfth Night (2003)

Performance Dates:

June 27, 28, July 6, 12, 18, 20, 27, 31, August 2, 2003 @ 8pm

Plot Synopsis

Twelfth Night is Shakespeare's most mature comedy though he continues to explore themes addressed in his other comic plays. The most prevalent of these themes is, of course. love. In Twelfth Night, Shakespeare show us the many and varied faces of love - love for family and friends, love of money and frolic, unrequited love, unspoken love, love at first sight, love of stature and position, self-love, romantic love and the deep and enduring love that drams are made of. He also chooses to give us some of the silliest pranksters to ever grace the stage but even they are affected by love. And, while the play contains some exhilaratingly funny moments and truly ridiculous characters, Shakespeare is not afraid to explore the darker elements of love and reminds us that life is not all "cakes and ale" and inter every life eventually will come "the wind and the rain".

Time: Several months in 1924
Place: The country of Illyria


Orsino Paj Crank
Curio Quarmaine M. Bogan
Valentine Victoria L. Mitchell
Viola/Caesario Sarah Rowland
A Sea Captain Jason Nott
Sailors Geoff Bardot
Neil Davidson
Sir Toby Belch Jes Gonzales
Maria Kathleen Saumure
Sir Andrew Aguecheek Ed Gyles, Jr.
Feste Michael A. Saumure
Olivia Sarah Jane Thomas
Malvolio John David Rambo
Julia Stefanie Gyles
Silvia Alaina Boys
Antonio Romann D. Hodge
Sebastian Patrick M. Briggs
Fabia Kira Graybill
Officers Geoff Bardot
Neil Davidson
Jason Nott
Courtiers Geoff Bardot
Neil Davidson
Suzanne Gonzales
Katie Healey
Jason Nott
Melodie Rosales

Production Staff

Director Kim McCann
Assistant to the Director Melissa Langley
Fight Choreographer Ed Gyles, Jr.
Scenic Design Steve Jones, et al
Lighting Design Ej Reinagel
Cosutme Design Nicole Sivell
Production Stage Manager David Harris
Technical Director Stephen Jones
Light Board Operator Trina Palmer
Sound Board Operator Michael Healey
Props Christine Nicholson
K. Crom Saunders
Carpenters Patrick Briggs
Casper Eichen
Head Stitcher Sarah Rowland
Staff Stitchers

Kira Graybill
Elizabeth Todd

Student Stitchers Marissa Mariscotti
Volunteer Stitchers Emily Davis
Orlana Klip
Melody Rosales
Dounglas Worley
John Crabtree
Victoria Mitchell
Jason Nott
Box Office Supervisor Anita Thomas
Box Office Cynthia Hawes
Tom Fearon
Megan O'Laughlin
Evan Johnson
Patrick Briggs
Sarah Rowland
Festival Operations Robert W. Gore
Festival Coordinators Luther Hanson
David Harris
House Managers Geoffrey Bardot
Gina Rivers
Poster/Postcard Design Nixa Schell
Photography Bruce Clark