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Macbeth (2007)

Performance Dates:

June 29, 30, July 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, August 2, 4, 2007

Plot Synopsis

It is a land in chaos, caught up in a civil war.  It is a country where power is determined by strength.  The warriors advance, the weak and defenseless die.  It is a place of mystery, where nature itself is becoming chaotic and evil will find a strong foothold. 

After winning a decisive battle, warriors Macbeth and Banquo are traveling home when they are suddenly greeted by three witches.  The witches prophesy that Macbeth will become Thane of Cawdor and also, the king.  They predict Banquo will be the father of kings.  The men laugh it off as nonsense until two of their comrades arrive and declare that Macbeth is now the Thane of Cawdor.  Macbeth wrestles with the idea of becoming king but is intrigued with the idea of obtaining so much power. 

Upon returning to his home seat of Glamis, Macbeth and his wife consider the possibility of seizing power by murdering the current king – especially since King Duncan has declared his son Malcolm the Prince of Cumberland and heir to the throne.  They plan to kill Duncan while he is visiting Glamis and make it seem as though Duncan’s servants committed the crime.  However, the more Macbeth thinks about it, he finds he does not want to betray the king in such a way.  Lady Macbeth has other ideas and persuades her husband it is the only way to get what they want.  She drugs the servants guarding the king and Macbeth kills Duncan. 

The next morning, the murder is discovered by two of Duncan’s loyal thanes, Macduff and Lennox.  Macbeth slaughters the apparently guilty servants before anyone can question them.  Duncan’s sons, Malcolm and Donalbain, flee because they realize suspicion will fall on them.  Macbeth is declared king and goes to Scone for the investiture.  Macduff refuses to go because of his suspicions of Macbeth and returns instead to his seat in Fife. 

Macbeth realizes that now his good friend Banquo is a potential impediment to his retaining the crown.  He arranges the murder of Banquo and Banquo’s son, Fleance.  Lady Macbeth is frightened by this change in her husband but tries to make the best of things.  The murderers are successful in their bid to kill Banquo but Fleance escapes.  At a banquet intended to honor Macbeth’s fellow thanes, he is horrified by the appearance of Banquo’s ghost.  Lady Macbeth tries to convince the thanes that Macbeth is troubled with a medical condition that causes him to see things that are not there.  The thanes become increasingly suspicious.  Macbeth determines that he will go to the witches again and discover the truth of what to expect. 

The witches allay his fears with predictions that make Macbeth feel invincible.  He decides he will have Macduff and all of his household killed in order to further protect his crown.  Macduff goes to England to find Malcolm and rally him and the English troops to come and topple Macbeth.  The Thane of Ross arrives and informs Macduff that his wife, baby, and servants have all been slaughtered.  Malcolm and his uncle, Siward, prepare to lead an army to take back control of Scotland. 

Most of the thanes have deserted Macbeth.  He continues to fight in a desperate attempt to hold on to his crown.  Lady Macbeth is unable to handle the guilt and has begun to sleep walk, reliving over and over the night of Duncan’s murder.  Eventually, she throws herself off the castle’s battlements.  Macbeth meets Macduff in battle and is vanquished.  Malcolm, Siward, and their troops overthrow the Macbeth faction and Malcolm is crowned king.


The Weird Sisters Chaentell Nadine Munn
Stephanie McCall
Sarah Rowland
MacBeth Brian Rivera
Lady Macbeth Laura Kaya
Banquo Jes Gonzales
MacDuff Eddie Jackson
Ross Adrienne Sher
Malcolm Anthony M. Person
Lennox Kira Graybill
Duncan/Old Siward Lynn Stradley
Donalbain/Siward Matthew Canty
Menteith George Sanford
Angus Edward Lee
Caithness Laura White
Lady MacDuff/Soldier Megan O'Laughlin
Seyton (Porter) Jason Jackson
Fleance/Attendant Kennedy Kaya
Doctor/Soldier Anne Marie Justman
GentleWoman Alyse Vogel (6/29, 6/30, 8/2, 8/4)
Dominique Jones (7/13, 15, 20, 22, 27)
Soldiers Jenna Cedusky
Michael White

Production Staff

Director Kim McCann
Fight Choreography Dexter Fidler
Scenic Design Shawn Weinsheink
Lighting Design EJ Reinagel
Costume Design Nicole Sivell
Original Music Amir Sharafeh
Movement Brian Rivera
Fight Captains Jes Gonzales, Brian Rivera
Production Stage Manager Mariam Helalian
Assistant Stage Manager Yolanda Morales
Technical Directors Stephen Jones, Shawn Weinsheink
Deputy Technical Director Dan Haskett
Costume Shop Supervisor Nicole Sivell
Scenic Artist Dennis Goebel
Properties Master K. Crom Saunders
Master Electrician Dan Haskett
Light Board Operator Roland Armstrong, Harry Leing
Sound Engineer Caliope Caro
Master Carpenter David Fulk
Carpenters Melissa Verdugo, Caliope Caro, Bill Bruyette
Stitchers Jane Forte, Sarah Rowland,
Megan O'Laughlin, Rebecca Newman
Student Stitchers Jaleesa Carter
Volunteer Stitchers Alondra Mendoza, Cary Anderson
Costume Management Lenore Justman
Festival Director Luther Hanson
Facilities Coordinator David Harris
Intern Supervisor Lori Ann DeLappe-Grondin
Marketing Assistants Adrienne Sher, Lori Ann DeLappe-Grondin
Box Office Cynthia Hawes, Midori Iwata
House Manager Lori Ann DeLappe-Grondin
Hospitality Lenore Justman
Finance Robert W. Gore
Poster/Postcard Design Nixa Schell
Photography Bruce Clark
Web Master Steve Grondin