All photos by Bruce Clarke.


The Tempest (2008)

Performance Dates:

July 11, 12, 17, 19, 24, 27, August 1, 3, 2008 @ 8pm

Plot Synopsis

O brave new world, that has such creatures in it!”

A ship carrying Alonso, King of Naples, his son, Ferdinand, Antonio, the Duke of Milan, Alonso’s brother Sebastian, and the wise counselor Gonzalo is caught in a storm and shipwrecked on an uncharted island. Through magical means, they are separated and Alonso begins a desperate search for his son. What they don’t know is that Antonio’s brother Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan, lives on this island with his daughter Miranda and it is he who has caused the tempest that brought them here. During his twelve years on the island, Prospero has developed his magical powers and he intends to use them in order to obtain revenge for his usurpation and exile. Sharing the island with Prospero and Miranda are Ariel and his magical spirits and Caliban, “a monster”, who was taught to speak by Prospero. Prospero has bound them with his magic and they serve him and do his bidding. Caliban desires Miranda but this desire has only brought him grief and the wish for revenge on Prospero.

Miranda is a true innocent. She has lived on the island since she was three and has little memory of other humans. She meets Ferdinand and is utterly bewitched. For Ferdinand, the feeling is mutual. Prospero recognizes the depth of feeling between the two but sets Ferdinand tasks in order to test his strength of spirit. Watching the two and seeing what love can create becomes problematic for Prospero and his plans for vengeance.

Meanwhile, Antonio and Sebastian, thinking that Ferdinand was lost in the shipwreck, decide to murder Alonso so Sebastian can become the king. Their plot is overheard by Ariel, who advises Gonzalo who then thwarts the plan.

On another part of the island, Trinculo and Stephano, two members of Alonso’s household who were also shipwrecked on the island, find Caliban and share drink with him. They make drunken plans to kill Prospero so that Caliban can rule the island. Ariel discovers this plot as well and informs Prospero.

In the end, Prospero sees the benefits of love and opens his heart enough to forgive those who wronged him, thus freeing himself from the trappings of revenge. He and Alonso give their blessing to the union of Miranda and Ferdinand, Prospero gives up his magic and regains his dukedom, and they all return to Naples with the aid of Ariel. Prospero frees Ariel and Caliban regains the island. Shakespeare reminds us that true magic lies in love, redemption and the power of forgiveness.

Place & Time: The Bahamas, 1550's


Muse Amanda Brown
Muse Acacia Fisher
Muse Lalena Hutton
Muse Vernon Lewis
Muse Janey Pintar
Muse Nicole Royster
Master Joseph Leser Baldridge
Botswain John Paul Nevans
Mariner Matt Canty
Mariner Brent Dirksen
Alonso Paul Naumann
Sebastian Ed Gyles Jr.
Antonio Jes Gonzales
Gonzalo Lynn Stradley
Ferdinand Ryan Ritter
Prospero Luther Hanson
Miranda Lia Seyman
Ariel Dominique Jones
Caliban Eddie Jackson
Trinculo Michael Lie Murphy
Stephano Ed Lee
Iris Samia La Virgne
Ceres Jason Oler
Juno London Donson

Production Staff

Director David Harris
Scenic Design Shawn Weinsheink
Lighting Design Shawn Weinsheink
Costume Design Nicole Sivell
Conceptual Consultant Angela Dee Alforque
Assist. Director (Clown Sequences) Evan Johnson
Choreography Angela Dee Alforque
Production Stage Manager Mariam Helalian
Stage Manager Jackie Rouse
Technical Director Shawn Weinsheink
Park Technical Director Daniel Haskett
Theatre Technician Scott Bailey
Costume Shop Supervisor Nicole Sivell
Properties Masters Karyn Garnia
Joy Gee
Master Electrician Daniel Haskett
Light Board Operator Harry Lieng
Sound Engineer Owen Lenox
Master Carpenter Scott Bailey
Carpenters Scott Bailey
Karyn Garnica
Daniel Haskett
Owen Lennox
Painters Samantha Mclean-Hass
Hailee Winter
Faculty Stitcher Christine Nicholson
Staff Stitchers

Amanda Brown
Janice Gutshall
Elizabeth Todd

Student Stitchers Jessica Hatfield
Volunteer Stitchers Summer Brazzer
Jackie Hurley
LuAnn LePere
Festival Director Luther Hanson
Intern Supervisor LoriAnn DeLappe-Grondin
Box Office Cynthia Hawes
Midori Iwata
House Managers LoriAnn DeLappe-Grondin
Anne Marie Justman
Hospitality Lenore Justman
Finance Robert W. Gore
Poster/Postcard Design: Bill McCloskey
Seraphein Beyn Advertising
Photography Bruce Clarke
Webmaster Steve Grondin