All photos by Bruce Clarke.

Othello (2010)

Performance Dates:

July 9, 10, 15, 17, 22, 25, 30, August 1 at 8pm

Plot Synopsis

Othello doesn't begin as a tragedy. Othello is a brave and noble soldier, he has a beautiful and loving wife, and he is being sent off to win an easy war and be a hero. What goes wrong? . . . Tragedy doesn't happen all at once. Little things become bigger things, become bigger things. People don't want tragedies to happen. When bad things happen, we try to fix them... It is the nature of classic tragedy that the same noble qualities that make a tragic hero a hero are the same qualities that cause his downfall. Othello has a supreme sense of justice. Once he believes that Desdemona is guilty, he feels it is his duty to kill her to maintain justice... Why does Shakespeare set this tale of a foreign island? Why does he frame this story with an occupation? What effect does such a tragedy have on a people who are occupied when the event is caused by the occupiers? An event such as this has an effect on one's whole community.

Cast & Crew

Iago Rod Breton
Roderigo Jason Oler
Brabantio Tim Sapunor
Servant to Brabantio/Desdemona Rebekah Rose
Othello Gregory Jolivette
Cassio Anthony Pounders
Officers Justin McCoy
Maszaba Carter
Duke Lori Ann DeLappe-Grondin
Senators Andrew Struck
David Davis
Messenger Ashton Suggs
Desdemona Kirsten Myers
Emilia Christine Nicholson
Montano Anthony Person
Gentlefolk of Cyprus Catherine Nickerson
Brandon Marques
Robert Salls
Bianca Alondra Mendoza
Soldiers Andrew Struck
David Davis
Ladies Breanna Reilly
Kiyumi Nishida
Ellie Davidson
Jane Mueller
Lodovico Justin McCoy
Gratiano Maszaba Carter
Street Musician Joe Gee
Director Luther Hanson
Scenic Design Shawn Weinsheink
Lighting Design Stephen Charles Jones
Sound Designer Scott Bailey
Costume Design Nicole Sivell
Choreography Brent Bianchini
Fight Choreography Jes Gonzales
Anthony Pounders
Fight Captain Anthony Pounders
Dance Captain Justin McCoy
Production Manager Jonathan Williams
Assistant Stage Manager Joy Gee
Second Assistant Stage Managers Alison Vail, Sinead Kennedy
Technical Director Shawn Weinsheink
Assistant Technical Director Scott Bailey
Scenic Artists Samantha Haas, Tiffany Ribera-McKay,
Alison Vail
Master Electrician Leonard Wooley
Light Board Operator Samantha Haas
Sound Board Operator Owen Lenox
Carpenters Owen Lenox, Alejandro Padilla,
Brian Reynaga, Steve Jones
Load Crew Zak Singleton
Costume Shop Foreman Nicole Sivell
First Hand Lalena Hutton
Head Stitcher Breanna Reilly
Stitchers John Crabtree, Elizabeth Davidson,
Anastasia Metlenko, Anthony Person,
Ashonda Gaynor, Kelsey Saepharn,
Julian Sandoval, David Valdovina,
Megan O'Laughlin
Costume Maintenance Lenore Justman
Festival Director Luther Hanson
Intern Supervisor Lori Ann DeLappe-Grondin
Box Office Cynthia Hawes, Alyse Vogel,
Anthony Person
House Managers Lori Ann DeLappe-Grondin, April Brown
Hospitality Lenore Justman
Finance Robert W. Gore
Poster/Postcard Design Bill McClosky
Photography Bruce Clarke
Web Master Steve Grondin