All photos by Bruce Clarke.

King Arthur (2012)

Performance Dates:

June 29, 30, July 8, 13, 15, at 8pm, July 20, 22, 27 at 6pm 

Plot Synopsis

An original script written in the style of Shakespeare!

With Merlin’s guidance, noble King Arthur and the glamorous Guinevere rule Camelot in happiness and prosperity.  But peace in the kingdom is soon threatened by a secret affair with Lancelot, the bold claims of Arthur’s nephew Mordred, and the machinations of Arthur’s sister Morgan.  The conflict grows until all is in danger of destruction and Arthur must rise to victory.  With exciting swordfights, and Arthur’s fools to keep us laughing, this production will bring to life the story you have always known.

Cast & Crew

King Arthur Brent Bianchini
Dagonet, Arthur's Fool Tyson J. Wheeler
Nerth, Arthur's Second Fool Andrew Struck
Lady Guenevere Breanna Reilly
Lady Gimelle, Guenevere's Lady Danielle Williams
Lady Beatris, Guenevere's Lady Mary Cate Sheahan
Merlin Bradley Moates
Sir Lancelot Rob August-Norton
Morgan, Arthur's Sister Sara Lorraine Hanson
Cherlinda, Morgan's Lady Maria Ryken
Cherdwin, Morgan's Lady Julianna Camille Hess
Mordred, son to Morgan by King Lot Anthony M. Person
Sir Kay JJ Charlesworth
Sir Eneaug John Paul Nevans
Peredwes, a female knight Theresa Vann-Stribling
Sir Gawain Bill Gilbert
Sir Agravaine Julia Meese
Sir Madoc Robert Muñoz
Sir Cyndrwyn Sam O'Sullivan
Galamide, a female knight Denise Ivy
Lady Lore Jessica Smooth
Lady Lede Baoie Vang
Director Luther Hanson
Scenic Design Shawn Weinsheink
Lighting Design Stephen Jones
Costume Design Nicole Sivell
Fight Choreography Dave Harris
Production Stage Manager Mariam Helalian
Assistant Production Stage Manager Jackie Rouse
Stage Manager Natasha Alston
Fight Captain Anthony M. Person
Dramaturg Meredith Heifler
Technical Director Shawn Weinsheink
Theatre Technician Scott Bailey
Costume Shop Supervisor Nicole Sivell
Properties Master Scott Bailey
Master Electrician Owen Lenox
Light Board Operator Chris Burlando
Sound Engineer Scott Bailey
Master Carpenter Scott Bailey
Carpenters Alison Vail, Owen Lenox, Chris Burlando, Kyle Dogin,
Stone Singh, Alejandro Padilla, Josh van Eyken
Painters Samantha McLean-Haas, Alison Vail
Backstage Crew Megan Hester-McCullough, Sinead Kennedy,
Suzanne Larrida, Rachael Martinez, Amber Smith-Taylor
Lead Stitchers Jessie Dart, Eryn Miller, Elizabeth Sivell
Stitchers Dakota Donovan, Lalena Hutton, Sinead Kennedy,
Anastasia Metlenko, Sarah Rowland, Elizabeth Todd
Festival Director Luther Hanson
Intern Supervisor Lori Ann DeLappe-Grondin
Interim Intern Supervisor Kate Samure Jones
Assistant Intern Director Julianna Hess
Box Office Cynthia Hawes, Alyse Werlich
Front of House Managers Lori Ann DeLappe-Grondin, April Brown
Hospitality Lenore Justman
Finance Robert W. Gore
Poster/Postcard Design Bill McClosky
Photography Bruce Clarke
Web Master Steve Grondin