All photos by Bruce Clarke.

Julius Caesar (2013)

Performance Dates:

July 5, 6, 11, 13, 19, 21, 26, & 28, 2013

Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays: 8pm
Sundays: Performance at 6pm

Plot Synopsis

In a time of war, there are often unlikely heroes.  In a time of war, there are often unlikely traitors.  In Shakespeare’s most political play, we see the effect of political intrigue, betrayal, violence, and tyranny and we are left with the question as to who is the hero and who, the traitor.  Does absolute power corrupt absolutely?  In this time of political upheaval, Shakespeare’s sixteenth century work remains remarkably relevant.  Join us for a master work by drama’s greatest playwright.

Time: 1870
Place: Rome

Cast (In Order Of Appearance)

Julia Caesar Sara Lorraine Hanson
Marc Antony Allen Pontes
Octavius Andrew Zelny
Calpurnius Tyson Wheeler
Marcus Brutus Michael Sicilia
Cassius Matt Canty
Casca Shelley Russell-Riley
Cinna Kathleen Poe
Decius Brutus Alejandro Padilla
Metellus Cimber Dante Scott Raposa
Portia Dale Flint
Lucius Janelle LaRiza
Flavius Jessica Smooth
Murellus Andrew Zelny
Cobbler Kayla Willett
Citizens Danielle Williams, Roberta Sanchez, Matt Malone,
Rachel Unuzeta, Alfredo Colmenares, Janelle La Riza,
Julianna Hess, Allison Lorenz, Julian Ortega
Antony's Servant Julian Ortega
Octavius' Servant Tylen Einweck
Pindarus Tyson Wheeler
Strato Dale Flint
Cato Danielle Williams
Dardanius Julianna Hess/Allison Lorenz
Clitus Alfredo Colmenares
Soldiers Jessica Smooth, Alfredo Colmenares, Rachel Unzueta,
Janelle LaRiza, Matt Malone, Roberta Sanchez,
Allison Lorenz, Julianna Hess, Kayla Willett
Soothsayer/Singer Carley Neill
Tambourine Sinead Kennedy
Guitar Daniel Radu
Violin David Riggs

Production Staff

Director Luther Hanson
Scenic Design Shawn Weinsheink
Lighting Design Steve Decker
Costume Design Nicole Sivell
Musical Direction/Sound Direction Kathleen Poe
Fight Choreography Jes Gonzales
Production Stage Manager Josh Anderson
Assistant Stage Managers Tabitha Angier, Megan Hester-McCullough
Fight Captain Janelle LaRiza
Assistant Sound Design Josh Anderson, Scott Bailey
Sound Editing Mike Poe, Scott Bailey
Assistant Lighting Designer Sara Faust
Prop Masters Josh Anderson, Josh Van Eyken
Audio Technician Josh Van Eyken
Assistant Audio Technician Vince Battaglia
Light Board Operator Joe Wentzel
Technical Director Shawn Weinsheink
Assistant Technical Director Scott Bailey
Carpenters Tabitha Angiers, Kyle Dodgin, Sam O'Sullivan,
the students in TAP 390, Morgan McLean Haas
Scenic Painters Madeline Hamaguchi, Samantha McLean Haas
Costume Shop Manager Nicole Sivell
Lead Stitchers Eryn Miller, Elizabeth Todd
Stitchers Melynda Blanchard, Crystal Gill, Dakota Donovan,
Sinead Kennedy Rachel Unzueta, Gretchen Showalter
Festival Director Luther Hanson
Intern Supervisor Lori Ann DeLappe-Grondin
Box Office Cynthia Hawes, Ginner Worden, Eryn Miller
House Manager April Brown
Concierge Lenore Justman
Volunteers Sinead Kennedy, Ashley Olson
Finance Robert W. Gore
Poster/Postcard Design Bill McClosky
Photography Bruce Clarke
Web Master Steve Grondin