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2016 Season

Thank you to all who auditioned over the last two nights. First callbacks will be tomorrow, Wednesday, April 26 at 7:00pm in the Art Court Theatre. The following are called back:

Ahmed Ahmed


JE Burton

Ryan Canfield

Madeline Cariveau

Yesenia Diaz

Felise Esposito

Natalie Evans

Dale Flint

Jenna Grossman

Alexander Hall

Izzy Houraira

Michele Hubbel

Steve Ibarra

Devin Justice

Sinead Kennedy

Soren Lipman

Matthew Malone

Andrea McCarty

Anish Jaishi Mishra

Kate Murphy

BJ Nash

Maria Neidhart

Christine Nicholson

Fiona Nies

Said Noori

Linnea Nordquist

Connor Oshiro

Anthony Person

Katie Peters

Jonathan Plon

Kathleen Poe

Anapaul Prince

Alex Quinonez

Hope Raymond

Colette Rice

Kalia Rucker

Jon Ruiz

Arslan Saeed

Roberta Sanchez

Michel Wendling

Kayla Willett

Johnna Wood

Dafydd Wynne

If you marked a conflict for Wednesday and can't make it, just post a note on our Facebook page as a reminder.

Thank you all!