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If you have questions about volunteering for us, please contact:

Luther Hanson
(916) 558-2173


The Sacramento Shakespeare festival welcomes volunteers in many areas. No previous experience is necessary for most areas, but a familiarity with theatrical production is helpful.

Every festival is different, and each year we have different needs where volunteers are concerned. Below is a list of some of the positions we often fill with volunteers. One job we always need volunteers for is ushering.

If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer, please submit an application. A detailed list of volunteer jobs and descriptions is available here.

Costume Shop/Wardrobe

• Wardrobe Chief
• Wardrobe Crew
• Stitchers/Seamstresses
• Make-up & Hair Design Coordinator
• Make-up Artists

Stage Crew/Technical

• Rehearsal Assistants/Assistant Stage Managers
• Prop Crew
• Set Builder
• Set Painters
• Stage Crew
• Lighting Technician
• Sound Technician
• Load in/Load out

Front of House

• Box Office Volunteers
• Ushers
• Publicity Volunteer